The New Old Master


Who is Darrell Chitty? 

An Artistic Mastermind

A national magazine once described Darrell as “The New Old Master”. That description seems to fit him well. He is a 21st century artist who takes advantage of the latest technology available, combines his skills with an abiding appreciation and in-depth knowledge of art history and the age-old techniques of the Old Masters to create veritable masterpieces.

The consummate professional with 35 years experience, twice named Louisiana portrait artist of the year, holds both a MBA and a Masters of Photography degree. This college professor conducts seminars and workshops all over America. His art can be found in the homes and businesses of admirers and patrons around the world.

“Once in a blue moon you meet a person that has the passion, talent and drive to create outstanding artistic impressions of the world around them. Darrell is that person. His understanding of all of the elements of color and design give him the ability to create beautiful masterpieces on a consistent basis.”

Scott Dupras, master artist and photographer



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